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Our Pathway

We've established a pathway for juniors to take them from beginners to advanced golfers.

Step 1 Getting Started

The goal for level 1 is to have the children want to come back. We work on basics with an emphasis on full swing, chipping, putting and 3, 6 or 9 holes.

We hit balls, chip and putt and do either on course, putt putt and/or chipping and putting comps.

Step 2 Once You've Started

While maintaining the fun aspect to golf, we start to understand different aspects to the basics. The importance of correct basics in understood in this level otherwise it will hinder their ability to improve at the next level.

Same as it step 1 with the clinics but we introduce bunkers into these clinics.

Step 3 Once You're Committed

The emphasis to the stage 3 is to introduce the children to the course every 4th week while still developing their swings in the other weeks.

Once the children are at this level the classes will be restricted in numbers to those who show dedication and a desire to improve.

Similar learning format to both stage 1 and 2 but more in depth learning.

The children will get a 9 hole handicap and when their handicap is in the teens, they will be considered for an 18 hole handicap.

Step 4 Playing Local and Interstate Events

There are many events already organised that our children will now be able to attend based on their 9 or 18 hole handicap. The 9 hole format the they use will benefit us as we will have developed our handicap on a full length course. The 9 hole events around the state are usually a shortened course format.

The coaching format will change and become a bit more in depth whilst still continuing with the fun aspect. Even though they are becoming proficient golfers they are still kids.

Pre shot routine.

Step 5 State Recognition

While continuing with our elite program at Pittwater our elite players start to become more aware of the importance of correct club fitting and the reason they need correctly fitted wedges to perform at higher levels.

They will be part of our elite program which means they will feel like they're part of a supportive team with a vision of a future in golf.

Video lessons will be introduced at this level so the students can self analyse and discuss with the coach.

Junior Pennants starts now.

Step 6 Planning a future in Golf

The children will now be at representative level which means they will already be members of clubs, playing junior pennants, playing state and interstate events and having a national ranking.

Golf Psychology

Golf Statistics  

Step 7 Career Options

Now the student is at the level of considering, College Golf in the USA, Golf Apprenticeship or Tournament Golf, exciting times.

Just think, all this without losing their childhood.